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About Us

Welcome to Versatile Telecom and Technology Ltd, the steadfast resource for the areas of Telecom, Designing, Printing, Repairing and Networking. We’re dedicated to giving you the best quality of services and products, with a focus on three characteristics: loyalty, customer service and exceptionality.

  Founded in 2012 by Mohammad Saifuddin Chowdhury and Suraia Akter, Versatile Telecom and Technology Ltd has succeeded considerably and is growing consistently by expanding their business into different arena considering the present market trend.

  Versatile Telecom just loves to take the challenges because it believes, challenges help find new opportunities and improve quality. The company is committed to bring the most competitive prices in Wholesale Voice Termination, Prepaid Mobile Technology Services, VoIP switching, Corporate IP-Telephony Services and online calling cards. The company is working on creating their own branded calling cards and gradually to own SIM card. Designing, Printing and Repairing is an additional source for the company as Versatile believes that through this, we are able to reach more to the people than other sources and the introduction of these areas will fulfill very basic requirements for small businesses and customers. At the age of globalization, the Networking business or Network Marketing is growing tremendously day by day. Versatile Telecom would like to take the opportunity to be part of the of this multi trillion industry. Versatile would focus on the collaboration of most basic services and products to help people save their money and establish their own businesses.




Suraia Akter

Mohammad Saifuddin Chowdhury